Employee Leasing

We are a registered employee leasing firm in the State of Hawaii. (PEO #22)

As a business owner or manager, you probably spend a considerable amount of time on employment-related issues. Processing payroll, calculating and paying employer taxes, tracking holiday, sick and vacation time, preparing and signing paychecks, completing W-2’s handling insurance claims, meeting OSHA requirements, evaluating and providing for employee benefits such as health and dental insurance and on & on (and these are just some of the requirements of employers.)

It’s a wonder you have time to manage other aspects of your business.

When you lease employees from Professional Business Services, Inc., we hire your existing and future employees, becoming their administrative and W-2 employer, while you remain the supervisor/manager of their day-to-day work activities. This eliminates your responsibility to complete all of the tasks above, saving you time and money.

Can you save money? You may be able to save money when considering what you’re paying in time--yours and your employees’ time in handling all aspects of employment.

When you lease employees, paying the workers assigned to your business is easy. Give us the number of hours worked for each worker for each pay period and we handle the rest. You receive one invoice for everything (pay, taxes, insurance, etc.) And there are NO W-2's to prepare at the end of the year. We do it all!

For more information or a proposal on how we can save you on your payroll and employee costs, please contact our office or fill in the form under the "Contact Us" tab.