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We are excited to recommend "TSheets", a smartphone app that allows employees to "punch-in" and "punch-out" using their smartphone on the app or by sending a text. For a small monthly fee per employee, you can track employee time and view where your employees are located by viewing a map after logging into your TSheets account.

Employees can also designate a job for which they are working and TSheets allows for Job Cost reporting!

If we are processing your payroll, and you are using TSheets, you can approve employee time electronically, and we can pull in the time data to process your payroll. You no longer have to report hours to us via email, transmittal, etc.

New TSheets clients can use the program for 14 days for free.

For a discount on their normal rates, use this link: https://www.tsheets.com/#aprofessionalbusinessservicesinc

Let us know if you need help setting up your account.